Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Specs Some Leak Reveals Batteries, Display Size And Much More…

It’s been a few years since Samsung released the original Galaxy Watch, but its successor is coming soon. It was to be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, and rumors that the smartwatch will arrive in July are in line with the new Galaxy Buds update. Now, the folks at SamMobile say they have new specs for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to share.

We already know that the Galaxy Watch 3 will come in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. SamMobile notes the Galaxy Watch 3 sizes will be 1,2 and 1.4 inches, respectively. According to the reference, the display of the Glass Watch was 1,2 inches and 1,2 inches, while the display of the Glass Watch Active 2 was 1,2 and 1.35 inches.

The Green Watch 3 may have a small round bezel, which should be a welcome change.

In addition, the size of the Galaxy Watch 3 will reportedly measure 45 x 46.2 x 11.1mm and 41 x 42.5 x 11.3mm. We also heard that the Galaxy Watch 3 will bring back the famous rotation bezel. Based on the display size and size, we can swear that the rotating bezel will be smaller in the Galaxy Watch 3 compared to the original Galaxy Watch. Nonetheless, the bezel is the only design feature that has made the Galaxy Watch even worse, so we’re happy to hear that it might be lowered this year.

The two Galaxy Watch 3 sizes will also come with 247 and 340mAh batteries, which are the same size as the Galaxy Watch Active cells 2. Assuming they both have similar display specs (almost completely surrounded by AMOLED panels), we hope to see the same battery life two days out of Active 2.

SamMobile notes that the new Samsung watch will come with 1GB of RAM and Tizen OS 5.5. However, no software details have been mentioned separately from the Tizen version number.

In the end, in true Samsung fashion, the Galaxy Watch 3 might just be another use-of-the-kitchen thing. The Watch 3 will probably have the same health and fitness predictions on the Galaxy Watch Active 2. The new watch is rumored to have an optical heart rate sensor, built-in GPS, blood pressure monitor, and ECG. However, it is yet to be seen whether the ECG will be fully developed and fully operational – it was only last month that Samsung obtained the ECG license for Active 2 in Korea, so it is likely that this feature will not be ready for use in July.

Of course, these are just some of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. You can learn more about the device in our rumor hub.

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