The Production of upcoming Mate Series Flagship Is Reportedly Delayed By Huawei

Huawei’s ongoing clash with the US government is likely to see some relief early this week, but things are not looking good for Mate’s next partner. Huawei reportedly delayed production of what could be the Huawei Mate 40 series due to the recent US outbreak.

According to the Nikkei Asia Review, Huawei has asked suppliers to stop the production of essential components needed for future Mate flags. The company has also decided to order new parts for the next few locations with a bid to test the full effects of US restrictions.

In May, the United States government sued Huawei for allowing ways to limit its access to global chip providers. As a result, chipmaker TSMC – one of the most important partners with Huawei’s Kirin chipmakers – has stopped taking new orders from the company. Huawei reportedly stocked up on key chips for two years but those were made for their servers rather than smartphones.

What does this mean for Matthew 40?

Now, Huawei is reportedly worried that its HiSilicon unit may not be able to provide it with mobile SoCs and AI and communication chips. HiSilicon is a company owned by Huawei that expands its company’s SoCs. Since suppliers cannot use any American equipment to make Huawei chips, HiSilicon finds it difficult to fulfill orders.

This has forced Huawei to restart its inventory and approach other suppliers.

“Now we see the postponement of the production of the Mate series will be at least a month or two,” a source told Nikkei. Another Huawei supplier told the publication that the Chinese product is reviewing HiSilicon’s invention and is looking at chip performance from MediaTek and Qualcomm.

“But confirming other mobile platforms could lead to the reinvestment of parts of the smartphones, which will take time,” the source said.

The delay in production of the new Mate series does not mean that our launch will be postponed. No such murmurings from the supply chain now. Huawei can easily announce the Mate 40 in September / October and start selling it only when the stock is ready.

At the time, Huawei reportedly cut and cut its overall smartphone orders by 20%. This is probably because the company is expecting a decline in demand, but we’re not sure because Huawei hasn’t officially announced anything.

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