Isn’t OnePlus Nord Is Overhyped By OnePlus

We have been known for the OnePlus Nord since December 2019 when the first mobile transfer between OnePlus was revealed. This should be a cause for celebration as it only marks the second-line midway firm of the firm ever and the first since the 2015 OnePlus X.

Unfortunately, OnePlus Nord’s marketing strategy may set itself and others to avoid disappointment. The Chinese brand is aiming for its phone to hell back, to the point where I get sick of hearing about it in just a few days until the launch.

The list of stunts the OnePlus marketing team has released before the upcoming Nord launch is complete and exhausting. You don’t believe me? Here are just a few of the best so far:

A private Instagram account with a pledge to back up rumors in order to release the phone release, followed by the introduction of a separate public account.
Tagging critics on Instagram is mentioned in the meme in the relevant memes.
The massive dumping of small details shared on almost every social media platform including 5 different Instagram stories just to ensure image stability and a unique post to show the box.
A series consisting of four episodes of phone enhancement, the tone changes with the exchange of office disagreements between OnePlus employees who look tired and banal platforms.
Three rounds of pre-order orders are fully featured, some of these rounds are limited to only 100 units.
Pride of out-of-pre-order sales finding that sales of 100 units of highly anticipated product is another form of surprise.
Selling a piece of cardboard to users to look at the phone is actually fake and pretend to hold it.
This isn’t the first time OnePlus has given you unnecessary feeds of data to create hype. This has led to success with its Smartphones, but not so much with other products – remember when the highly-anticipated OnePlus TV Q1 turned into a bad-looking TV program similar to the high-end TV price? The company is pulling the same shot of tenders with its OnePlus Buds, announcing the product earlier this week and tracking battery details (e.g. playing hours), and unveiling the original design.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a plan to donate a few nuggi of information in the continuation of a product launch campaign. Companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, and others do this all the time. It ensures that the company stays on the radio and is at the forefront of communication for as long as possible with the aim of attracting more consumers to long-term attraction.

But while some OEMs have overtaken the marker with aggressive PR campaigns full of exposure tendencies, the OnePlus Nord represents the highest standards (or dinosaurs) for new phone launch designs. OnePlus has pushed Nord’s sales down. You can understand the firmness of one or two decisions in the list above, but all of them? It’s amazing.

Can you imagine if Google or Samsung did the same with their phones? What if Google held previous Pixel 5 pre-order cycles before we knew anything about it, sold cardboard to users, and made a major deal about pre-disclosure?

Letting OnePlus Nord speak

We don’t see this kind of pre-launch behavior from Google and Samsung because they usually let their products speak for themselves instead of making cheaper promotion strategies. Google may contact certain technologies it uses before launch (as they did with the Motion Sense of the Pixel 4 series) or disclose the official offer after a major leak, but we have never seen them sell cardboard or play a nasty ad nauseous ad before revealing a major one.

This method is very similar to budget products like Rextme and Poco if any. Both brands have been competing in the Indian market for a few years now, and cheesy slogans such as “Dare to Leap” and “Smooth AF” were often traded for their big assets. Surely OnePlus, as a kind of premium brand first in India and a leading player in the US, no need to switch to these tough measures? No need for the OnePlus 8 series.


Unlike OnePlus which fights the tone of competitors launching Smartphones either. Samsung is the only other big name company with a big launch in the coming weeks. OnePlus doesn’t need to switch to this endless attention span. With seemingly endless delays in the Pixel 4a, the hype of the iPhone SE dissipating, and other launches being pushed back due to COVID-19-related problems, the play field is empty at Nord.

It is already difficult for a major smartphone product to meet everyone’s expectations with a phone launch. It is also up to us to do so in the case of OnePlus with a long-awaited return to the mid-range stage. And so it is: the middle class phone. This advertising campaign would have surpassed the ingenuity of the OnePlus 8T inevitably, never having a budget phone that would undoubtedly offer more options for sale at a price of less than $ 500.

The Nord hype campaign is over and it’s exhausting

Even if the call goes out a lot, there may be others who have been blocked by a dirty, occasional sales pitch. But worse than that, the whole “New Start” talk is a way to get disaster if the phone doesn’t live up to expectations and turns into a middle-tier smartphone. This is also possible, as the likes of Apple, Google, Realme, and Xiaomi have all upgraded the mid-range phone bar in recent times.

We know that the OnePlus Nord can speak a great game, but can it move? We’ll have to wait and see, but if not, OnePlus will only regret it if the hype comes back.


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